The Fundamentals of Divine Guidance

For Women Entrepreneurs

Complimentary spiritual mini-course with Irina Baker

I am inviting you

Dear Woman Entrepreneur, I am inviting you to join me

for a walk on the exciting path of asking for and receiving Divine Guidance Signs!
This is how it started for me:

In 1995 I had a profound spiritual awakening where I gave my consent for an inner journey home to freedom and power. Shortly after I became aware that there is a powerful Divine Guidance that can lead me in the right direction, answer all my questions, help me make all my decisions and help me feel closer to my own God Self. In fact, all the guidance is coming from my own God Self, who knows me intimately and who is willing to help me and guide me at all times.

I started observing the Divine Signs that became more and more obvious to me. I learned their importance, their reality and their role in my life. I have established a 2-way line of communication with my God Self, Angels and Ascended Masters with the help of the Divine Signs. During these years, I have designed, tested, perfected and proved my system of Divine Guidance Signs in my own live and in my work with clients to whom I always teach my GREEN LIGHT FLOW System.


Divine Signs open the 2-way line of communication with God, helping you feel close up and personal with your own God Self! As a result, you never feel alone!

In This Mini-Course, You Will Learn

What Divine Guidance Signs are and who sends them to us.
Why you absolutely need to receive, interpret and apply the signs in your business and daily life.
You Will Learn
You Will Learn
What is the cost of not following the signs?
I’ll show you the examples of my own Divine Guidance Sign Collection and explain the meaning of every sign.
How to make sure that all your decisions — major or small — are the right ones and will bring you the desired results.

Divine Signs bring you into the Green Light Flow™! Therefore, everything is exponentially easier to achieve and accomplish. No hustle! No Obstacles! No Mountain Climbing!



Do you make decisions based on your limited human knowledge and understanding?

Do you ask for other humans’ opinions to make a life-changing decision?

Do you ever follow Divine Guidance? Do you trust Divine Guidance?

Do you have faith to carry out Divine Guidance, even if it seems illogical and plain crazy sometimes?

In other words, do you follow your heart, i.e. Divine Guidance or the head, i.e. human logic when making all decisions in your life? Do you notice Divine Signs or you live unaware of the communication and guidance available to you from your own God Self?



Know Me Better


Irina Baker

We trust that Irina’s

Extensive education and training (3 Master’s degrees, including M.A. in Counseling & numerous certifications in holistic studies, soul healing and deep regression hypnosis). In addition to 3 traditional universities, Irina was also trained at the University of Spiritual Studies (Delphi) and The Michael Newton Institute (Life Between Lives);

Spiritual awakening in 1995 and following 100% commitment to her personal intensive spiritual healing and growth since that day;

Successful professional experience of 26 years in spiritual self-awareness mentoring and hypnosis, public speaking, deep soul healing work, traditional counseling and teaching at a college level;

Great testimonials of Irina’s happy clients who have gotten numerous positive results and completely changed their lives;

High quality and effectiveness of her proven mentoring systems and teachings;

Highly developed intuitive skills and extensive spiritual knowledge based on specialized education, training, professional and personal experience of 26 years that allow laser-sharp insight into every client’s situation;

Several written books on the subject, including a best-seller.

will give you great confidence that you are choosing a high quality expert to support you in your spiritual growth