The Comprehensive System on How to

Recognize, Interpret & Apply Divine Guidance

in Every Situation

For Women Entrepreneurs

Complimentary course with Irina Baker

I am inviting you

Dear Woman Entrepreneur, I am inviting you to join me

in learning how to REALLY merge the world of business with the spiritual world together by receiving Divine Guidance Signs and applying them in your business and life.
I bet you are in business because more than anything in this life you want freedom, power to create what inspires you, and of course, financial prosperity. You also want to help many and change the world.

You have this innermost desire; you believe in your ability to achieve great success; you are willing to work hard and do whatever it takes to achieve the business success you desire. Right?

… only to find out that creating and growing a successful business is so much harder than it looks, that you must hustle, overcome, overrun, overachieve, climb the Himalayas, and sacrifice everything for your business. You have already invested tremendous time, money, energy, and effort. You did everything you were asked to do by your business coaches, yet it seems never enough.

You started feeling that something is sabotaging all your efforts, as if you’re a hamster on a treadmill, running into nowhere.

You are very tired of the hustle, struggle, and never enough.

Perhaps, you think, Wealth is all around, but it’s not for me.

And you say to yourself: I have everything to succeed: expertise, business training, experience, yet I still don’t get the desired results. What’s wrong with me?

On top of all that, you look like a million dollars outside, yet you feel like you’re falling apart on the inside. You are searching for answers, but you don’t even know what answers you are searching for.

You want a relief. You want to be happy, at peace, and successful. You want to create business projects and receive the desired results. You want to arrive! And you want both TO FEEL HAPPY and TO BE PROSPEROUS.

If all this describes you, what if I tell you that all this time you’ve been searching for the answer in all the wrong places?

If your business (and life) feels heavy, hard, and lonely, know there is another way.

Physical actions are a must in business, but if you do everything you can and you still don’t get any results, then the answer to your struggles lies elsewhere.

What if I tell you that all your answers to all your business (and life) challenges lie WITHIN, in the unconscious realm?

What if I tell you that you struggle with your business because it is a TRADITIONAL BUSINESS, and there is a deep spiritual reason behind your struggle?

What if I tell you that an ENLIGHTENED BUSINESS is an ANSWER to your searching and your daily prayers, you just don’t know it yet.

Somehow, somewhere, sometimes, you asked for this answer, and now it is right in front of you. Ask and You Shall Receive!

If you have tried all the traditional methods of trying to achieve success in business (and life), yet all in vain, it’s time to turn to the spiritual approach.

Tired of feeling alone in business & life? Divine Signs open the 2-way line of communication, helping you feel close up and personal with Divine! As a result, you never feel alone!

In This Mini-Course, You Will Learn

What Divine Guidance Signs are and who sends them to us.
Why you absolutely need to receive, interpret and apply the signs in your business and daily life.
You Will Learn
You Will Learn
The cost of not following the signs!
I’ll show you the examples of my own Divine Guidance Sign Collection and explain the meaning of every sign.
How to make sure that all your decisions — major or small — are the right ones and will bring you the desired results.

Tired of a hustle? Divine Signs bring you into the DIVINE FLOW! Therefore, everything is exponentially easier to achieve and accomplish. No hustle! No Obstacles! No Mountain Climbing!



Do you make decisions based on your limited human knowledge and understanding?

Do you ask for other humans’ opinions to make a life-changing decision?

Do you ever follow Divine Guidance? Do you trust Divine Guidance?

Do you have faith to carry out Divine Guidance, even if it seems illogical and plain crazy sometimes?

In other words, do you follow your heart, i.e. Divine Guidance or the head, i.e. human logic when making all decisions in your life? Do you notice Divine Signs or you live unaware of the communication and guidance available to you from your own God Self?



Know Me Better


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We trust that Irina’s

Extensive education and training (3 Master’s degrees, including M.A. in Counseling & numerous certifications in holistic studies, soul healing and deep regression hypnosis). In addition to 3 traditional universities, Irina was also trained at the University of Spiritual Studies (Delphi) and The Michael Newton Institute (Life Between Lives);

Spiritual awakening in 1995 and following 100% commitment to her personal intensive spiritual healing and growth since that day;

Successful professional experience of 26 years in spiritual self-awareness mentoring and hypnosis, public speaking, deep soul healing work, traditional counseling and teaching at a college level;

Great testimonials of Irina’s happy clients who have gotten numerous positive results and completely changed their lives;

High quality and effectiveness of her proven mentoring systems and teachings;

Highly developed intuitive skills and extensive spiritual knowledge based on specialized education, training, professional and personal experience of 26 years that allow laser-sharp insight into every client’s situation;

Several written books on the subject, including a best-seller.

will give you great confidence that you are choosing a high quality expert to support you in your spiritual growth